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Master Chef of Coir Blends

Also known as Coir or CoCo peat or Coir pith or CoCo Coir peat, Coir is a unique product from Coconut palms; an eco friendly, sustainable product from a renewable source.

Coir has become one of the most favoured ingredient in all potting soil and substrate mixes due to its unique properties and plays an important role in reducing and replacing peat in the mixes...

Plant Nurseries and Green houses now increasingly use 100% Coir or blends of predominantly Coir for all their growing needs.

We just don't produce Coir , but produce an array of Custom Made Coir products. We proudly call ourselves a Master Chef of Coir Blends.

For many years we have been producing different grades with different chemical and different physical properties that match the need of different plants, different plant stages and substrate requirements.

We also produce Coir products in different shapes and sizes to suit different requirements of our distributors, retailers and growers.

Coir 5kg Blocks
  • Buffered and Non Buffered (treated) in different fractions matching peat products
  • Coir 650gm Bricks Coir 250gm Bricks
    Coir Grow Bags For different plant requirement Coir Open Top Bags for different plant requirement Coir Vulcan Range different sizes of discs
    Coir Merino Range Different sizes of Plugs Coir Eco Soft Mini- G for Lawn and Turf Coir Eco Soft Hydro Mulch
    Coir Eco Soft Animal Bedding Coir Fiber Range
  • Mattress Fiber
  • Curled Fiber
  • Coir Twines
  • Horticultural Coir Products
  • Coir pot
  • Grow cubes
  • Planter Pole
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