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GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd was established as a specialized company for operational, production and marketing management of high quality Coir and Neem products. Other than these the company also produces and trades in different commodities .


Named as Coir or CoCo peat or Coir pith or CoCo Coir peat is a unique product from Coconut palms which is eco friendly, sustainable product from renewable source.
Coir has become one of the best preferred ingredient in all potting soil and substrate manufacturers recipe due to its unique properties and has begun to reduce or replace peat in the mixes...

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Neem tree-India's village pharmacy

From root to shoot every part can be used to resolve the ailing of human.
We produce different Neem products for different sectors.

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Oil | Seed Meal | Compost | Soapnut | Spices

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