Neem: The Medicine Cabinet of India

At GreeNeem, we delve into the rich legacy of neem, often referred to as the "Medicine Cabinet of India," showcasing its multifaceted uses and benefits across various industries. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a revered tree known for its medicinal properties, environmental sustainability, and versatile applications.

As a sustainable agribusiness, GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd celebrates the holistic potential of neem through its range of neem-based products, including cold-pressed neem oil and neem cake.

Key Features of Neem and GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd:

Neem Tree Overview

Neem trees are native to the Indian subcontinent and are esteemed for their medicinal, agricultural, and environmental significance. Various parts of the neem tree, including leaves, seeds, bark, and oil, are utilized in traditional medicine, organic farming, pest control, and skincare.

Neem End Applications

Each part of the neem tree serves distinct purposes. Neem leaves are used in herbal remedies, insect repellents, and beauty products. Neem seeds yield valuable cold-pressed oil, renowned for its pest control properties, skincare benefits, and therapeutic uses. Neem bark and twigs are employed in oral hygiene products and natural pesticides.

Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

Our production process involves cold-pressing neem seeds to extract pure neem oil, ensuring maximum retention of beneficial compounds like azadirachtin, limonoids, and fatty acids. Cold-pressed neem oil is preferred for its potency, eco-friendly profile, and effectiveness in pest management, organic farming, and skincare formulations.

OMRI Listing and Sustainability

Our neem products, including cold-pressed neem oil and neem cake, are OMRI listed, certifying their organic compliance and suitability for organic agriculture. Neem's natural properties contribute to sustainable farming practices, reduced chemical inputs, and environmental conservation.

Advantages of Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

Cold-pressed neem oil stands out for its high azadirachtin content, which acts as a potent insect repellent and biopesticide. Compared to other extraction methods, cold pressing preserves the oil's bioactive compounds, ensuring superior quality and efficacy in pest control, plant protection, and skincare formulations.

Holistic Neem Solutions

GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive range of neem-based solutions, including neem oil, neem cake, neem-based fertilizers, and pest control products. Our commitment to sustainability, organic farming, and environmental stewardship reflects in every aspect of our neem offerings.