Coir Granules



Coir Granules Eco-friendly, biodegradable granules.



4mm irregular granules. Expands when hydrated, blends well with soil.



Magic Soil, Polymer Replacement, Lawn Repair, Golf Courses, Hydro Mulch, Animal Bedding.

Key Features and Benefits:

Water Retention:

Coir granules have excellent water retention capabilities, absorbing and holding moisture to ensure consistent hydration for plant roots. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining healthy lawn and turf growth, especially in dry or arid climates.

Aeration and Drainage:

The irregular shape of coir granules promotes air circulation within the soil, enhancing aeration and preventing waterlogging. Proper aeration and drainage are crucial for maintaining optimal root health and preventing issues like root rot in lawns and turf areas.

Nutrient Retention:

Coir granules can retain essential nutrients and fertilizers, gradually releasing them to plants over time. This nutrient retention property helps in sustaining plant growth and vigour, reducing the frequency of fertilizer applications and ensuring efficient nutrient utilization.

Soil Amendment:

When incorporated into soil mixes, coir granules improve soil structure and texture, enhancing soil friability and reducing compaction. This creates a favourable environment for root penetration, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health in lawn and turf settings.

Erosion Control:

Coir granules are effective in erosion control applications, stabilizing soil and preventing soil erosion on slopes, embankments, and landscaped areas. The granules act as a natural erosion deterrent while supporting vegetation establishment and growth.

Applications in Lawn, Turf, and Sod Industry:

New Turf Establishment: Coir granules are used during the establishment of new turf areas to improve soil moisture retention, promote root development, and enhance overall turf quality.
Lawn Renovation and Repair: When renovating or repairing lawns, coir granules can be mixed into the soil to improve soil structure, provide moisture retention, and support healthy grass growth.
Sod Installation: Coir granules are incorporated into sod installation processes to create an optimal growing environment for sod roots, ensuring successful establishment and long-term growth.
Erosion Control: In erosion-prone areas within lawns and turf landscapes, coir granules are applied to stabilize soil, reduce runoff, and prevent soil erosion, particularly on slopes and sloped lawns.

Coir granules offer a sustainable and effective solution for enhancing soil quality, promoting healthy plant growth, and addressing various challenges faced in lawn, turf, and sod maintenance and landscaping projects.