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Neem Oil EC

Our focus at GreeNeem is on promoting the use of cold-pressed neem oil in agriculture, horticulture, and pest management. Cold pressing ensures that the oil retains its natural properties and bioactive compounds, making it highly effective as a botanical pesticide and soil conditioner. Our cold-pressed neem oil is registered with reputable regulatory bodies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), guaranteeing its safety, quality, and eco-friendly nature.

  • Farmers and growers worldwide trust our neem oil for its proven efficacy in pest control, plant health enhancement, and sustainable farming practices.
  • Moreover, the zero harvest interval time, attributed to the highly biodegradable property of neem and its actives, ensures minimal residue presence, meeting stringent agricultural standards and promoting environmentally conscious farming practices.

Principle of Neem Working as Insecticide

Pesticides Neem's effectiveness as an insecticide stems from its unique biochemical composition, particularly the presence of azadirachtin, a potent biopesticide. Unlike chemical pesticides that often have harmful residues and adverse effects on non-target organisms, neem oil acts through multiple modes of action, disrupting insect growth, feeding, and reproduction cycles. This natural mechanism makes neem oil a safer and more sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides. Additionally, neem's broad-spectrum activity targets a wide range of pests while preserving beneficial insects, pollinators, and natural predators, promoting ecological balance in agricultural ecosystems.

GreeNeem® Neem Oil EC

    Biological Insecticide, Fungicide, Nematicide, Miticide


  • GreeNeem® Neem Oil EC is a broad-spectrum plant-derived biopesticide for the organic and sustainable management of insects and diseases.
  • GreeNeem® Neem Oil EC is OMRI listed for organic use.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 150 bioactive ingredients, including Azadirachtin
  • Multiple Mode of Actions - Insect and fungal growth regulator, antifeedant and repellant
  • Soft on beneficials
  • Zero day to harvest
  • Low 4-hour REI and Zero-day PHI

Effective on Variety of Pests

  • Key insects included: Aphids, Armyworms, Leaf Hoppers, Mites, Thrips, Whiteflies & others
  • Key diseases include: Alternaria, Blights, Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Molds, Rusts, Scab & others
  • Key nematodes include: Dagger, Lesion, Reinform, Root-knot, Sting & others

*Refer to GreeNeem® Neem Oil EC label for complete list of pests.

Registered on a wide variety of crops

  • Trees & Vineyards
  • Field & Row Crops
  • High Value Fruits & Vegetables
  • Greenhouses & Nurseries
  • Residential Gardens, Lawns & Ornamentals
*Refer to GreeNeem® Neem Oil EC label for complete list of crops.

Available Sizes

   8 Fl.oz to 55 Gallons

            Listed Pests & Diseases

                Refer to Label for Full List*


All You need In One Jug

    Fungicide - Insecticide - Miticide

Fight pests through multiple modes of action with a complex active ingredient that makes it effective on all stages of insects. GreeNeem manages sucking and chewing insects on contact or by ingestion, and unlike other Azadirachtin-based products, it possesses fungicidal properties to manage key diseases through the inhibition of mycelial growth.

The capacity to have multiple modes of action (MoA) is provided by the cold press extraction procedure, which maintains the integrity of these actives.
  • Ability to affect all stages of the insect lifecycle
  •     Antifeedant.
        Insect Growth Regulator(IGR).
        Insect Repellant.
        Mycelial Growth Inhibitor.

Berries are Better with GreeNeem

Integrate GreeNeem in your program to manage key pests such as aphids, lygus, thrips and mites and also control diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew.

  • Providing an effective solution for Organic growers.
  • Providing an effective solution for Organic growers.
  • No Know Resistance making it an excellent rotation and tank mix partner in IPM programs for organic and conventional operations.

                EPA Label