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Eco Friendly Bio Pesticide

With the resistance developed by most of the insect pests to Chemical Insecticides and contamination of environment, damage to beneficial insects and wild biota, accidental poisoning of humans and livestock by the chemical insecticides has made the International Community to look for a Natural Eco Friendly Bio Pesticide, which has no impact on the Non Target pests, safe to Human and non resistance of Insect pests.

GreeNeem Neem Oil-Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil 1500ppm

For ecologically sound, ethical pest management, there is a need for Bio Pesticides that are pest-specific, nontoxic to humans and other biota, biodegradable, less prone to pest resistance, and relatively less expensive and the One and Only product contributing to the said properties is GreeNeem Neem Oil Bio Pesticide.

GreeNeem Neem Oil Bio Pesticide has been the answer to the International Community seeking for the Eco-Friendly Bio Pesticide. GreeNeem Neem Oil is 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Neem oil with the Highest Azadirachtin value of minimum of 1500ppm to 2500ppm Maximum and free from any trace of Aflatoxin and Solvents. It is produced from the finest Indian Neem seed kernels by state-of-art manufacturing unit of Neem Division of M/s.K.Sivaram Bros.

GreeNeem Neem Oil Bio Pesticide exhibits properties of insecticides, miticides, nematicides, fungicides, and also can be used as Liquid Plant Feed/ Liquid Foliar fertilizer.

Unlike Azadirachtin formulations where the prime ingredient is Azadirachtin alone, the GreeNeem Neem Oil is natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil with all the 40 liminoids which results in best efficacy.

GreeNeem Oil Bio Pesticide acts on insect by
  Repelling larvae and adults.
  Blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs.
  Disturbing or inhibiting the development of the eggs, larvae, or pupae.
  Disturbing mating and sexual communication.
  Sterilising adults
  Deterring females from laying eggs.
  Deterring feeding

GreeNeem Neem Oil Application Sectors

Agri Crops, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouses, Shade houses, Glasshouses, Ornamentals, Plantations, Interiorscapes, Landscapes, Nurseries, Turf Grass, Shrubs, Trees, etc

How to Use GreeNeem Neem Oil Bio Pesticide:

Like most of the vegetable oils GreeNeem Neem oil is also non soluble in water and has to be made soluble in water with suitable emulsifiers before spraying.
Some commonly available emulsifiers that can be used are hand washing, dish washing liquid soaps, soap oil, eco friendly detergents, soap nut powder, or any other organic emulsifier recommended.
Take One Lt of Water in a container.
Add 10-15 ml of liquid soap or suitable emulsifier to this one Lt of water and agitate well until the soap /emulsifier gets completely dissolved in water.
To this solution add 50 ml of GreeNeem Neem oil and agitate well until a pale yellowish white emulsion is formed.
Add this prepared emulsion to 9 Lt of water in a bucket and stir thoroughly.
Now Eco Friendly Powerful 10 Lt GreeNeem Neem oil Bio Pesticide is ready for Spray.

Spraying should be done within 8 hours of mixing, using a knapsack sprayer or any suitable sprayer. This can be used as a foliar spray on crops, and also can be drenched near crop roots for efficiency recommended

It is recommended to repeat the spraying 5 times at intervals of 7 to 10 days each. Can be increased in the same proportion for large areas. Spraying should be undertaken in the morning or late in the evening. During hot conditions the frequency of spraying should be more. In winter spraying once in 10 days and in rainy season, every day spraying is recommended.

Available Packing.

200 lt- Sea Worthy Drum Packing.
20 lt , 5lt, 1 lt Plastic Packing and also in Custom Packing.

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5 lt Packing
200 lt Packing
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