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GreeNeem Leafs / Barks

GreeNeem Leafs.

Neem leaves are thoroughly washed to remove impurities, dried and granulated. GreeNeem leafs are used as Pest repellent and Nematode controller, commonly used in the Cabbage crops and other crops and also as Soil Conditioner. GreeNeem leafs are used in Cosmetic manufacturing, like Facial packs.
GreeNeem Leafs are used along the Cattle Feeds to remove the Hook worms.

Specification of GreeNeem Leaf Powder

Moisture 59.40%   Proteins 7.10%
Fat 1.00%   Minerals 3.40%
Fiber 6.20%   Carbohydrate 22.90%
Calcium 510mg / 100g   Phosphorous 80mg / 100g
Iron 17mg / 100g   Thiamine 0.04mg/ 100g
Niacin 1.40mg / 100g   Vitamin C 218mg / 100g
Carotene 1998microgram/100g   Calorific Value 1290Kcal / kg
Glutamic Value 73.30mg / 100g   Tyrosine 31.50mg / 100g
Aspartic Acid 15.50mg / 100g   Alanine 6.40mg /100g
Proline 4.00mg / 100g   Glutamine 1.00mg / 100g

GreeNeem Barks.

The bark powder is used in several herbal cosmetic, health, and hygiene products, and its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties have been well researched. GreeNeem Bark Powder's purity is ensured by thorough washing, drying, pulverising and sieving .


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