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GreeNeem Coir

GreeNeem Coir : Fertilized Coir Peat with Pest Repellent Property.

What is GreeNeem Coir?

GreeNeem Coir-Neem Coir- 100% Natural Eco Friendly Organic Multi Purpose Growing medium /Potting medium made from renewable Coir and Harnessed with the Neem power to exhibit Pest repellent and Nematicides property.

GreeNeem Coir is a Careful Blend of a very Special Grade of CoCo Coir and GreeNeem Cakes.

Coir is fiber, processed from the coconut husk. It is a fine, flaky bye-product. It is a high quality vegetable fiber

Benefits of GreeNeem Coir.

GreeNeem Coir compost is very slow to disintegrate, where as peat breaks down within two years of application to soil, GreeNeem coir compost only begins to break down when it is 8 years old. This alone makes it attractive as a soil conditioner.
GreeNeem Coir is a rapidly renewable product, whereas peat takes many centuries to form out of organic waste. Remove peat and you produce an environmental problem.
GreeNeem Coir compost has high nutrient retain capacity. Pot grown tomatoes (75% soil and 25% GreeNeem Coir) yielded 65% more than tomatoes potted in 100% soil. GreeNeem Coir can be effectively recycled as a potting medium for vegetables and flower cultivation.
GreeNeem Coir Eliminates or reduces the need to use harmful pesticide sprays.
GreeNeem Coir has its own Systematic pesticide.
GreeNeem Coir Contains slow release Organic Fertilizer (GreeNeem Cakes).
GreeNeem Coir has remarkable powers of porosity (up to 75%)
GreeNeem Coir has remarkable water retention values (up to 700%)
GreeNeem Coir reduces watering schedules by up to (65%)
GreeNeem Coir pH is neutral (6- 7), and has a natural low CF value
GreeNeem Coir is rapidly renewable and yet very slow to breakdown (Eco Friendly)
GreeNeem Coir has tremendous potential for improving survival, increasing growth and considerably reducing the cost of raising all plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees.
GreeNeem-Coir is free from pathogens, weed seeds and toxins.

GreeNeem Coirs Effect on Insect Pests.

GreeNeem Coir is harnessed with Neem power and the Neem added controls and eliminates the unwanted soil pests, nematodes, and larvae of insect pests dwelling in the soil. Neem acts as a insect growth regulator and blocks and kills the insects at larval to larval, larval to pupal, nymph to nymph molts. Thus avoids or reduces the application of unwanted hazardous Chemical Pesticides.

GreeNeem Coir is used in all sectors like,

Hydroponics (Soil Less growing Culture- in hydroponic crop production and flower production including: tomato, cucumber, egg plant, capsicum, zucchini, strawberry, melons, carnation, rose, gerbera, gypsophila, lisianthus, chrysanthemum etc), Horticulture, Agriculture, Compost manufacturers, Fertilizer Dealers, Organic growing medium /Potting medium distributors/Manufacturers, Earth worm Growers –as Bedding medium, Mushroom Growers- as casing, Commercial Nurseries, Potting Soil mix manufacturers, Garden Centre, Greenhouses, Seedling and Plant propagating Industries, etc.

How To Use GreeNeem Coir.

Hanging Baskets: Use general GreeNeem Coir Compost for planting up hanging baskets. Excellent long-life water retention reduces drying out in Summer. 700% water retention.

neem oil
Mushroom Casing: GreeNeem Coir can be used as the medium for mushroom casing along with the other mediums or by itself.

Vegetables: For lettuces and similar short life vegetables follow the instructions for annuals. For larger, long-life vegetables increase the amounts. GreeNeem Coir is widely used in Gro-Bags. GreeNeem-Coir has been found to increase vegetable yields by up to 65%
plant fertilizer

potting soil
Soil Conditioner: In heavy clay, hard or sandy soil, texture can be improved by incorporating GreeNeem Coir bricks. These will expand into a mass of light compost: mix with the soil to produce a friable, easy-to-work soil. One good application will give several years of easy-to-work gardening.

Garden Annuals: Dig a handful of GreeNeem Coir Compost around the roots of annuals, when planting out: double the amount of perennials. The compost retains moisture in dry summer conditions, slowly releases fertiliser and protects against many insect pests.
potting medium

Propagating Cuttings & Seeds: GreeNeem Coir is Ideal for the fast propagation of cuttings and seeds. Use GreeNeem Coir bricks as required in propagation trays. The GreeNeem Coir has tremendous potential for improving yield survival rates and increasing growth

Lawns: For a green healthy lawn, scatter pieces of the GreeNeem coir bricks on the lawn before a rain shower. Once they dissolve lightly rake them into the grass. The water retaining GreeNeem Coir keeps surface roots moist to create a healthy green drought resistant lawn.
potting mix

potting soil
General Compost : Use one part of GreeNeem Coir to one part of sand and one part of garden compost or loam to make a general use compost. Adjust proportions to your personal requirements.

Bedding Material for Worm Bin: GreeNeem coir acts very much like peat and has a high lignin content. Lignin is an organic substance that, with cellulose, forms the chief part of woody tissue. It is the lignin that provides the longevity. Coir is an organic material that breaks down very slowly. It holds water and nutrients beautifully and it will not waterlog. Perfect for Worm Bin. More over the Neem increases 25% of growth population of Earth Worms and the Compost formed has high nematicides property.
Bedding Material for Worm Bin

Planting Shrubs & Young Trees
Planting Shrubs & Young Trees: Drop one or two pieces of bricks in the planting hole. Add 2 to 3 litres of water and the pieces of bricks expand 8 times their original volume into a light water retaining compost. Set the plant at the centre of the hole and cover with soil. Watering is reduced by 50% to 60% and the tree seedlings have a protective mulch to help against drought conditions.


Available as

250 gm, 325 gm, 650gm,2 kg, 5kg, 10 kg Compressed Blocks /Bricks.
35 liter bags.(Ready to Use),
Hydroponic Slabs / Grow bags

potting medium

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